A Little More About Adiken

AdikensSpot.com began as a site where new businesses would go for web and graphic design services. Since then, our services have expanded to address the needs of new and growing businesses, and Adiken’s Spot rebranded itself as Adiken, a thriving marketing collective, comprised of a select group of digital hustlers from different backgrounds. The Adiken Team’s diverse skillset and collective industry experience offers insight and technical tools for a variety of services. Be it web page development, graphic design, marketing, PR, branding, social media, advertising, event planning, fundraising, or any other new and challenging business venture, the Adiken Team is ready to take it on with you.

Founder and CEO Luke Shawver found a passion in business early on. Dabbling in website coding and graphic design sparked a talent for empowering business development. Since founding his business in 2005, Adiken has built relationships with dozens of Sacramento business ventures and has proven to be an instrumental part of successful restaurant, non-profit, technology and higher education initiatives.

What We Do

From government agencies to universities, businesses large and small trust Adiken when it comes to marketing and media. Beyond the digital scope, we produce experiences—from event management, promotions, branding and community engagement—that inspire customers and compounds revenue. At Adiken, we know that every business has a story. We want to help you tell it.

Luke Shawver

President and CEO

With a passion for code and technology, the love of design had to follow. Ambition got us here, but knowing success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Yvonne Rodriguez

Marketing Manager

Knowing the demographic is one aspect, but captivating them is another. Yvonne has established relationships beyond business. A personal touch with proven metrics.

Jake Carrizosa

Graphic Designer

Graphic design takes a rough sketch of ideas and brings it all to reality. Jake is passionate about crafting a concept into a brand and brings years of sales experience to the Adiken Team.

Alysee Trzeciak

Event Cordinator

Alysse’s attention to detail makes for a great event every time. Before, during and after each event, our clients can enjoy themselves while she keep things running smoothly.

Olivia Barton

Brand Manager

Olivia has worked with PR agencies and startups large and small, consulting for biz dev, corporate partnerships, and social media. When it comes to content strategy, her reputation for aligning company missions with public interest is unmatched.

Mike Huff

Account Executive

Have spent lots of time managing in restaurants where communication
and transparency is key. Building relationships with customers and staff alike. Now looking to link
my soft skills with the hard skills of IT and building new relationships within another company.

Ivan Vazquez

Accounting Clerk

Bobby ’s love for numbers shows in our customers’ continued success. In addition to his years of bookkeeping experience, Bobby continues to thrill customers and affiliates at Adiken events.

H Junaid

IT Engineer

Junaid love coding. he is specialized in software development. he has more the 10 years exprience in web development and a deadline-oriented.

Why Choose Adiken

Digital branding is the most important part of marketing today. How are you going to reach your potential customers? We know digital marketing is the best way to market in today’s climate. Consumers are shopping online and doing their homework first—which means they are finding your business through Yelp, Google and social media. Let’s create a roadmap to your business through the web.